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Single Dad Renovates An Old Double-Decker Bus Into An Amazing Home For Him And His Daughter

Carpenter Adam Collier-Woods and his 12-year-old daughter live in Brighton, England. Both love to surf, which requires some travel down south. Unable to afford a vacation home, Adam undertook an ambitious renovation project that required some serious creativity!

With a budget of around 10,000 UK pounds (or roughly $13,000), Adam decided to build a mobile home out of an old double-decker bus that he found while browsing eBay. He purchased the vehicle for £4,500, leaving him just £5,500 for renovations.

As you can see, these would be some major renovations!

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Adam had roughly 340 square feet of space to work with, plus a staircase, and wanted to include as much sleep space as possible. And he succeeded – the bus is now a two-story home with three bedrooms that can sleep 6, containing a functioning kitchen, storage space, and even a wood-burning stove!

First, take a look at the amazing transition of the outer frame from a dusty old bus to a bright green mobile vacation home:

Source: Screencap via YouTube

Peeking through the windows, you can see the kitchen and entertainment space downstairs and the hallway to the bedrooms on the top floor.

Upon entering the bus, the first things visible are the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has a small sink, ample counter space, a cooktop, and a stove and looks more spacious than anyone could have imagined!

Source: Screencaps via YouTube

As you can see, the green theme is carried on throughout the interior.

Perhaps the most impressive space is the bright and sunny dining area, complete with a fold-away table that allows guests to enjoy it as a living room as well.

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The talented carpenter even managed to incorporate the safety handles some of the original seating from the old bus into his new design.

Off to the left is the fully-functional wood burning stove, perfect for staying cozy on brisk nights at the beach.

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The goal for the top deck was to squeeze in as much sleeping space as possible. The result was two bedrooms with double beds and a back area with bunk beds.

Source: Screencaps via YouTube

Be sure to check out the video below for a glimpse at all the bedrooms and their thoughtful details. The beds even lift up to reveal storage space for clothing and other personal belongings.

Despite having limited space to work with, Adam managed to create private nooks that retained elements of the old bus, including this old seat.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

Looking towards the front of the bus on the bottom level, you can even see some of the old signage.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

While giving a tour of his new space, Adam revealed exquisitely crafted cabinets and cupboards. And we spy a bottle of champagne in the lower left, which we hope is a reward for his ingenuity!

Source: Screencap via YouTube

As anyone who has embarked on a construction project knows, things tend to go over budget, and Adam’s project was no different. He expects to ultimately spend £15,000 instead of the originally planned £10,000 in order to finish the bathroom. In the meantime, they are making do with an outdoor shower off the side of the bus.

Source: Screencaps via YouTube

We’re guessing Adam and his daughter are enjoying the waves this summer in their amazing new mobile vacation home.

Scroll down for a video of the full tour of this amazing renovation that’s already garnered over 4 million views!

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