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Dad Comes To School To Teach Son A Lesson

Parents have come up with some creative ways to teach their children a lesson over the years. And most teens would say that their parents embarrass them simply by existing.

One Dallas, Texas father became an Internet sensation when he followed through on a promise to punish his son for talking in physics class.

Brad Howard (whose son is also named Brad) was tired of hearing from his son’s teacher about his classroom behavior. He told Brad Jr. that if it happened one more time, he would sit through class with him.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, the father said his son “likes to be the life of the party, which gets him in trouble from time to time.”

Source: Screencap via YouTube

True to form, Brad Jr. was caught talking in class again and the teacher informed his parents.

The Brad Sr. decided that bluffing would do no good, so the Texas pastor dropped in on his son at school.

But he admitted he wasn’t entirely excited to follow through on his threat. He told Buzzfeed:

“Friday is my only day off, so my wife wakes me up and says, ‘Brad, it’s time for you to go to school.’ I thought, Oh no, what have I done?”

Nevertheless, he showed up, snapping a selfie with the humiliated teen.

And like all good siblings, his sister Molli was happy to memorialize the moment on Twitter after receiving a text from her mom about the incident.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

Looks like Brad Jr. is sitting in class nice and quiet!

In an interview with the local Fox 4 News channel, Brad Jr. said he had no idea his dad was going to make good on the threat.

When he walked into class, he said hello to his friends only to hear a deep voice bellow “Hello, Bradley.” It was his dad, sitting in his seat.

Brad Sr. wasn’t entirely prepared for his prank either:

“As the teacher began to teach, all the sudden I began to think to myself ‘what if she calls on me to answer a question?’”

Source: Screencap via YouTube

That got a chuckle out of his son.

Sounds like dad was just as uncomfortable about the situation once he got there!

Fortunately, everyone else enjoyed the incident. Brad Sr. reported that his son’s classmates got a kick out of his punishment:

“I think they had a good time. Especially knowing that Bradley was put in an uncomfortable situation.”

And his physics teacher appreciated the gesture as well.

Of course, neither father nor son wants to do it again.

“I pray it was a one-time thing,” Brad Sr. said. “I don’t think I’d ever do it again.”

Commenters on the story – which was viewed over half a million times on YouTube alone – were also amused.

Source: Screencap via Buzzfeed

Of course, there were the inevitable arguments about what constitutes “good parenting.” But commenters generally acknowledged that teens are a whole separate issue and even though Brad Jr. showed disrespect towards his teacher, his dad intervened in a constructive way:

Source: Screencap via Buzzfeed

And one commenter had the best parent embarrassment story ever:

Source: Screencap via Buzzfeed

It looks like Brad Jr. got off relatively easy in the end!

And he must have passed physics as well, since he’s now in college at the University of Arkansas.

Source: Brad Howard via Facebook

Scroll down to watch the father and son interview below.

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