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Teen Approaches Disabled Woman On The Street, Doesn’t Realize A Cop Is Watching Nearby

Random acts of kindness are a bright spot in what feels like an increasingly disconnected and cynical world. It’s always nice to see something in the news cycle that reminds us that we’re all in this together.

Louis Jordan’s story was one of those bright spots and the teen has now inspired more good deeds around the country.

Source: Screencap via ABC13 News

It all started last spring when Jordan went to pick up his mother Bernadette Botts from work in downtown Houston, Texas – that’s when he noticed an elderly woman in a wheelchair waiting for Metro Lift, a public transportation service for the disabled.

It was a scorching hot day in the city and the woman had no shade for protection.

“It was unbearably hot. I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun,” he said.

Then he realized he could do something to help. Jordan had an umbrella in his car, which he went to retrieve and then approached the women with an offer to shield her from the worst of the heat.

Source: Screencap via ABC13 News

Naturally, the scene drew attention. As Ms. Botts headed out of work to meet her son, she noticed he had been approached by a police officer while helping the woman.

The officer later told her that he wanted to make sure her son didn’t snatch the elderly woman‘s bag, but after assessing the situation he said that her son showed him that “there are still good people out there.”

Source: Screencap via ABC13 News

The photo that later went viral was snapped not only to memorialize Jordan’s good deed but also to be used to record the encounter with the officer since Botts wasn’t sure exactly what was happening at the time.

Jordan waited over an hour with the woman he now calls “Miss Michelle” until her Metro Lift transport arrived, all the while holding the umbrella for her.

Now, the two have struck up a friendship and still see each when Jordan picks up his mother from work.

“We laugh, joke. She’s in a book club. Come to find out, she likes pork chops. I owe her some stuffed pork chops,” Jordan said, smiling.

Source: Screencap via ABC13 News

The young man knows what it’s like to be in a tough situation and just wanted to extend a bit of kindness to someone in need.

“I pray that God allows me to be used every day,” he said. “I’ve been down and out so much.”

While his mother said the young man was “full of surprises,” she also instinctively knew he had a good heart, remembering how he went out to rescue his grandmother the year before during Hurricane Harvey. He called his mother to let her know he had retrieved her from a home submerged in 4 feet of water.

Source: Screencap via ABC13 News

Botts knows she raised a good man and while she was shocked at the attention the photo received, she’s pleased her son is getting positive attention.

“I am one proud mama,” she said.

In an interview with local Fox channel KTVU, Jordan said he was also surprised by the attention.

His bosses at Red River UPS even reposted his story on their Twitter account:

Source: Red River UPSers via Twitter

“I’m really surprised,” Jordan told the news station days later. “I really didn’t invite this fame.”

Most importantly, his kindness has inspired others to pay it forward.

Source: via Twitter

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Source: ABC13 News

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