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Women In Her 70s Gives Birth To Her First Child, Becomes One The Oldest First-Time Mothers

There’s no exact right age to get pregnant, but experts tend to pinpoint a woman’s late 20s – early 30s as ideal for both her health and her baby’s.

Add to that the amount of physical and emotional energy that a baby requires and you’ll be amazed that a couple in their 70s is raising a newborn!

Daljinder Kaur, from Haryana, India, gave birth to her first child in 2016, likely becoming the world’s oldest mother.

While, like many elderly people in India, she does not have a birth certificate, she claimed to be 70 years old. However, the fertility clinic that helped her get pregnant put her age closer to 72 when she gave birth. Her husband, Mohinder Singh, was 79 at the time.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

In the video below, you’ll see that the new parents are as smitten with their baby as any couple and dismiss ideas that this was not the right choice for their family.

Their son Armaan was born healthy, albeit a bit small, and had some trouble gaining weight.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

“We cannot thank God and our doctor enough for blessing us with a baby boy,” Kaur said.

The couple has been married for nearly 50 years and tried to conceive naturally, but could not. They also decided that adoption was not the right choice for them.

So, in September 2014 they decided to seek fertility treatment at the National Fertility and Test Tube Centre in Hisar. As you might imagine, the clinic was skeptical at first.

However, what Westerners often fail to appreciate is how women without children are treated in India – they can be considered bad luck and even be shunned from social gatherings in some areas.

As a result – and now that the technology is safe and reliable – fertility clinics have been popping up around the country. The clinic the couple visited in Hisar is dedicated to helping women over 50 conceive.

Source: National Fertility Centre

(If you’re wondering how that’s possible since post-menopausal women no longer ovulate, the eggs are harvested from younger donors and the father’s sperm is typically used to fertilize the egg.)

According to the UK newspaper The Independent, India is thinking of passing a law making 50 the upper limit for fertility clinics. Only time will tell if that is passed and then if it only serves to drive the practice underground, making it even less safe for women to use.

In the meantime, millions around the world have been shocked at Kuar’s ability to carry a child in her 70s.

Amazingly, she also had a natural birth and was able to breastfeed Armaan.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

The process was expensive for the couple, but that was clearly not a factor in their decision. They spent 1 million rupees (or $14,300) and they went through 3 IVF attempts before succeeding.

“Money does not matter to me,” Kuar said defiantly. “I wanted my own child at any cost and today I am a mother.”

Source: Screencap via YouTube

Singh is an equally doting parent, gently kissing his son’s forehead throughout the interview at their home. “We plan to give him the best of everything when he grows up,” he said.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

Footage of the couple at home with their newborn has been viewed over 3.6 million times on YouTube!

Practical Parenting published an update from the couple this year, who admits that having a now 3-year-old has been very hard on them.

Kuar has suffered from high blood pressure and weakening joints since Armaan’s birth.

“My blood pressure has suffered and I get tired very easily now. I’ve seen several doctors but they just give me medicines and a diet plan,” she said.

While the couple says they’d make the same decision again, they are finding it difficult to keep up. This is the case with just about every parent, but Kuar is now in roughly her mid-70s and Singh is 82.

“My body can’t take it. It’s been harder than I thought. I’m worried for Armaan. I have to take care of my health but I have to care of Armaan too.”

Still, the couple is overjoyed with their son:

“I love him. He is a friendly child and smiles at everyone. This makes things very easy for me because I can be at ease when someone is around.”

Source: Screencap via YouTube

And they’ve chosen not to bring in outside childcare:

“I spend all day with him. We decided not to get any help. He loves his father a lot. He’s always in his arms if I’m busy cooking or doing housework.”

Parenting is monumentally difficult at any age, and many argue that being a loving parent is the most important part of raising a child.

But this unique situation does raise some interesting questions about whether age should be a factor during fertility treatments.

Scroll down to see a video of the family shortly after Armaan’s birth.

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Source: Barcroft TV via YouTube and CBS News

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