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7 Top Signs Your Partner Is Really In Love With You – Even When They Try To Hide It

Most of the women are confused about the way their partners relate with them. Just as people have always said it is difficult to understand women, it seems women are having a difficult time recognizing if their man loves them or not. If you are a lady, here are a few hints to know that your man is head-over-heels in love with you.

1. He loves to stare at you

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This is not the usual I-want-to-take-you-to-bed-and-get-naughty kind of look. Yes, men have high libido. But when your man loves you, he may not be able to say it repeatedly as he feels it. So instead, he takes a look at you and wonders within himself how lucky he is to be able to have a damsel like you. That is a very little, yet special way he adores you. Don’t freak out if you catch him staring. It’s just one of his weird ways of showing love.

2. He cannot stay angry with you for long

Most men will agree with this. If you offend your man, sometimes, he gets hurt that you are the one that hurts him. Yea, that’s true. This makes him want to settle with you. But trust we men with ego, we will rarely come out straight. He will find a way to establish communication with you and give you the opportunity to apologize. That’s when you will hear, “I mistakenly dialed your number thinking it was Susan. Anyway, how are you?” And once you apologize, he accepts immediately.

3. He shares his future plans with you

When a man does not love a woman, she has to beg him to know what the future is like about the two of them. You know why he lets her beg? Because he actually doesn’t have one. But if your man loves you, he is the one that will engage you on his future plans. Even if he never had one before, your presence in his life will make him want to sit up. And when he shares that future with you, know that he does so because he sees you in it and wants to build it with you.

4. He creates time for you

There is a difference between someone who hangs out with you when they are free and someone who creates time to hang out with you. Your man is the first type of man but also the second man. He may be busy, but you’d be surprised at how he creates time out of his busy schedule to talk to you. He has come to enjoy your company that one of the way he relaxes by having you around. If he does that, appreciate him. It means he values you greatly.

5. He starts to like your flaws

This is weird but it is one of the things that you will see in a man that loves his woman. He will stop trying to change you. He will no longer make an attempt to get angry when he sees your flaws. Instead, he laughs over it and accepts you completely. That’s when you will hear him say, “When you’re angry with me and start talking about it, you need to see your face. You always look so cute.”

6. He shows you off to anybody that cares to listen

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When your man loves you deeply, you are no longer his secret affair. You are now his open secret. He lets you know how precious you are to him. Not only that, he talks so highly of you among his friends that he makes them wish you were theirs. And rarely does he talk you down in the presence of his friends, even if you both have an issue at hand.

7. He is interested in your progress

That’s right! He will want to know how your day went, what your short term goals are, what dreams you have etc. And he is not just interested in them; he becomes your greatest cheerleader. You can count on him to encourage you to fulfill your dreams. Why? Because deep within him is a satisfaction that comes from seeing the smile on your face when you have achieved your dreams.

So ladies, if you ever find this kind of man as your partner, never let him go because such men are rare.

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